Automate My Online Marketing
Automate My Online Marketing

About Kathy Stover's Online Social Media Strategy & Marketing

To fully understand what we do, ask yourself a simple question: "If I have to choose between spending hours online with my website,Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,Pinterest and all the rest… or devoting hours handling the pressing needs of my business, which would I choose?"

Most business owners and entrepreneurs we know say it's not even a choice… of course they'd focus on the immediate needs of their business. It's no wonder most small businesses and entrepreneurs aren't getting very much out of their online presence. Yet business owners know there's something out there, something good, if only they could tap into it… but where to start?

That whole "where do I start" was the genesis of Kathy Stover's Online Social Media Strategy & Marketing. Even if you want to grow your online revenues, who do you call? Your IT guy may know programming, but he's no marketer. That freelance graphic artist you use may know design, but does she know how to convert visitors to buyers? The Facebook guru that spoke at your business club may know how to get you thousands of fans, but does he know what to do with them once he does? The search engine optimization (SEO) expert your brother-in-law used may be able to get you ranked in Google, but does he have a clue about how to turn that ranking into real revenue?

To Do: Hire This Company!

Kathy Stover's Online Social Media Strategy & Marketing brings all the elements together, so you don't have to. We create powerful “done for you" Internet Marketing programs for small & mid-size businesses, so business owners like you can focus on what you do best – Run Your Business! Meanwhile, your online engine is hard at work, building your ranking, driving in more prospects, building a long-term online "community" of raving fans and customers, and converting them into sales with compelling cutting edge strategies.

It requires a quality team of experts in social media, copywriting, video, SEO, mobile marketing, public relations, web design and other key areas to make all this work.

No one cookie-cutter approach will give you what you need to make your business excel online. Your business is unique, and you need a customized approach to succeed. That's exactly what you get with Kathy Stover and her Marketing team.

Meet Kathy Stover

Kathy Stover, CEO & Founder

As its CEO, Kathy Stover oversees all aspects of the business. Kathy's client list is growing rapidly with Business Entrepreneurs, Transformational Leaders, small and mid-size businesses committed to big online results through social media, including Facebook, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, video, search engine optimization and other relevant platforms. As the CEO & founder of and a high-energy entrepreneur as well as an author and speaker, Kathy’s passion is in helping business entrepreneurs succeed online. Kathy’s corporate career spanning over 25 years ended 8 years ago as she retired out early by choice. She decided to pursue her vision and passion to help others by enlisting her 20 plus years experience as an internet and network marketing entrepreneur to work from home. Kathy’s expertise and joy is in assisting business owners in driving more leads, sales and bottom line revenue for their business with less stress and confusion.


Smart Women Live Their Why…How Women Entrepreneurs Are Living On Purpose and In Passion.

Sheri McConnell brought together 50 + Amazing women entrepreneurs to share their stories, their journey as it is thus far to lift up other women. To talk about their struggles, their passion and love for the things they do and their successes!

I'm honored to be one of these women, to be amongst these Beautiful talented women that are Living on Purpose and in Passion and are World changers! Thank you Sheri McConnell for putting it all together and Thank you especially, Linda P Jones, Suzy Manning, Maryann Ehmann, Kay White and so Many Amazing women for the gifts you are in my Life!
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