A New Game Takes SEO by Storm

There’s a new game that is quietly beginning to take the internet by storm. It could become bigger than Farmville! It may even have more secret users than World of Warcraft. And the best thing about it is you will ALWAYS look like you’re working, even when you are playing the Google Instant Game.

Here’s how it works. With the new Google Instant Search trying to predict what you will actually want to see after each letter you type in the search box, watching Google think for you is really fun. Give it a try.Play to win the Google Instant Search game

For example, typing the letter “w” will instantly give you local weather results.

Most other single letter results produce stores: Best Buy, JCPenney, Netflix, Sears.

Walmart must be seriously bummed to have begun its corporate identity with one of the few letters that people want something other than commerce. You should have planned for Google Instant, Walmart! I bet you feel silly now. You have to type two letters to get Walmart.

But the REAL fun comes when you type something like “How do I”. How gets “How to tie a tie” Say what???? You’re not dialed into my brain too tightly there Google!

How do returns How Do I Get a Passport and How Does Fushigi work . Ah let the games begin! What the heck is fushigi? I must find out! If Google thinks it’s important enough to be the second entry on “How Do”, then I MUST plug this gap in my knowledge! Off I go – trying to find out all I can about fushigi.

Now where was I? Oh yeah I need to enter I.  Oh let’s try something else – Where is  Chuck Norris???? Why would I want to find an aging action actor? Oh yeah this is a game – I forgot. He’s hiding out in The Barrens chat room of World of Warcraft – so I know that answer – I can try something else!

What is yields what is love?

Who is gives me boycotting Arizona – ah ha local results based on my IP. So you could take this game on the road and you’d get constantly changing answers! How fun is that?

Here’s the thing. Google announced Instant Search – which has actually been around for quite a while just not in the form you are seeing now. The ONLY truly Instant thing about it were the instant progams and strategies that popped up – you guessed it – instantly – to help you – the site owner overcome this change.

I have actually seen some SEO “experts” immediately telling clients they have to optimize for one, two and three letters.  Yup I’m sure that if I optimize for “how” – I’ll move up ahead of to tie a tie in no time! EXACTLY where I want to be! NOT!

Here’s the facts. Google is not about to change search habits with Instant Search. It truly is a fun game – because of the silly results, but people will STILL enter the full phrases they are looking for because the instant results are so far off the mark. It may affect PPC results – we don’t know that yet. But for a normal site, relying on organic traffic the following holds true.

If your site is properly optimized for the keyterms people use to find your products and services

If your foundation is solid

If you have followed best practices

Google Instant will have little or no effect on your rankings or your traffic. Just like most other Google changes don’t affect you, neither will this one.

But it sure makes for a fun, addictive game! When is my birthday???? Wow they really are into my brain!


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