The Internet Never Sleeps

The Internet never sleeps - it's always collecting and presenting more infoNew York City used to have a tagline – The City That Never Sleeps”. People knew that if you went to NY there was a different energy, an under current of excitement, a pulse that was fast, ever moving and overwhelming. I believe all cities have their own unseen energy, their own pulse and movement. So too does the Internet. And as internet marketers we get caught up in this maelstrom  of activity and movement and must either sink or swim with that current.

I often talk to business owners who are frustrated. They have hired a consultant or a company to improve their online presence and the project results never seem to match the expectations. These people walk away shaking their heads, thinking they were “fleeced”. In actual fact they probably weren’t. They were the victim of change.

It’s said that the amount of information on the internet doubles every 6 weeks. I’ve seen other numbers, but the time span doesn’t really matter. The internet is constantly growing and changing and there is an enormous amount of information to absorb and implement. Even if the net stopped right this minute, it would take several lifetimes to catch up on even a small portion of that information. This is mind boggling. This is game changing. This is why it’s very difficult to hire the right internet marketing or search optimization firm. They could be very knowledgeable – using last week’s best info. But by next week how much of that has changed?

I spend on average 30 hours a week in an almost futile attempt to keep up with my areas of interest. It’s a full time job in and of itself just so I can do my real full time job! And I could easily spend double that time and STILL miss a new technique or the beginning of a new delivery system or a new source of good traffic.

When I started online back in the late 90’s it was easy. No one really knew how things were supposed to be done so we improvised and made up our own ways of attracting customers, presenting products, getting traffic. It was a heady time much like wandering down a pristine white beach and picking up gold nuggets along the way. And then only picking up the ones that were easy to reach or were of a specific size and color. A lot of people made a LOT of money back then, they merely had to be on that beach. If they haven’t grown as the net has grown, they probably aren’t doing so well today.

In a little more than a decade things have changed dramatically. I can no longer run a successful online marketing campaign by myself. With all the areas of knowledge I have, with all the years I’ve spent “doing it all” – I no longer can do it all myself. A very painful admission I assure you!

Today I need a team.

I need a video wizard who is well versed in many different editing and special effects programs.

I need a marketing expert who has their finger on the pulse of social media – aware of the latest changes occurring almost daily on a wide variety of social sites.

I can’t even just drop into my favorite HTML editor – my constant companion of the past 12 years – and toss together a site. It doesn’t do HTML 5.0 and all new sites need to be done in that iteration of the language. It only surfaced a few scant months ago and already Bing and IE 9 are making headlines by giving it “favored” status.

No matter where I look, no matter what part of my marketing, advertising, site optimization, design or implementation, I need a specialist. Someone who concentrates on just one area of the internet and is constantly aware of the changes, of the new methods, the new technology, the new procedures.

But at the same time they need to have a solid grounding in the basics. Because oddly enough, no matter what area of online marketing you look at, the basics still haven’t changed. A solid foundation is needed to optimize a site. No matter how many new things Google has added, without that foundation, built with new tools and new methods to be sure, you will not weather the storm of new search algorithms.

Without knowing your customer, and their habits – even though those habits change every few months – you won’t be talking WITH your prospective customer, engaging them and working them into the sales funnel. “What’s in it for me?” has NOT changed. It’s still the driving force behind any type of sales page.

The path to that sale still hasn’t changed.

  1. Get the eyeballs, grab their attention.
  2. Get them to come to your site. Get that click!
  3. Convert them from a “looker” to a buyer.

Even though I mourn the passing of the “good old days” when I could do it all myself and didn’t need a bevy of experts to be successful, I take comfort in knowing that the basics, the rock solid foundation of each and every exchange of money hasn’t changed. The delivery will always evolve. The implementation will change with the rapid advancement of technology. But in the end – I’m still talking to another person on the other side of that keyboard. Or touch screen, or smart phone. And that will never change.


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