Online Marketing with Cyber Monday

Welcome to Cyber Monday! If you survived Black Friday, the traditional shopping day that put’s retailers in the black for the first time in the year, you can follow up with Cyber Monday Steals and Deals.

Cyber Monday is when retailers with an online presence do deep discounting in an effort to match the frenzy of Black Friday. The National Retail Federation estimates 88% of online merchants will have deals, free shipping or participate in other ways in Cyber Monday.

ComScore, a digital marketplace research firm, expects online sales for the 2010 holiday season will reach $32.4 billion, marking an 11% increase over the previous year for the combined November-December gift-buying period.

Giant Amazon has fourth quarter sales forecasts ranging from $12 billion to $13.3 billion—an increase of 26% to 40% over Amazon’s fourth quarter sales of $9.5 billion in 2009.

Just how big are online Christmas sales numbers? The past two years, due to the economy are giving somewhat muddy numbers, but by any statistical analysis, holiday sales online are at least doubling every year. With sales projected to be at least 10% of all holiday shopping, within a year or two, experts expect online marketing efforts to account for one out of every four sales.

Furthermore, the average sale is also increasing. Last year saw it climb to $190 from the 2008 figure of $171.

Whether you sell hard goods or services, making 2011 the year you join the Amazon behemoth should be one of your iron clad New Year’s resolutions. No matter how you look at the numbers, Amazon has the lion’s share of the online sales pie. One of every $3 spent online goes to Amazon.

It’s not difficult to get eBooks, videos and hard goods into the Amazon Marketplace. Sure they take a cut, and yes there are rules. But the percentage isn’t bad and varies by the type of product and industry you are in.

Amazon has built an incredible level of trust with shoppers, which is a major factor in it’s success. Following those rules means Amazon continues to build that all important trust factor for your benefit as well as Amazon’s.

They have a wide variety of ways to move products. Offering everything from a quasi auction model to individual store fronts, Amazon covers all the bases. They even have low cost book publishing services and mass produced DVD’s. Go with a Kindle ready electronic version of your product, and have a paperback ready to ship as well.

How well does Amazon work for small business? I had a client a couple of years ago who went on Amazon based on my recommendations. In less than six months Amazon sales were half of the online store sales. In a year they were equal to the online store. Last year Amazon sales alone bypassed the brick and mortar sales for a store that had been place over 25 years.

Impressive? I think so. So did the owner who credits Amazon with saving his business. They didn’t even discount their products on Amazon. Main street store, online store, or Amazon – the prices were identical no matter where the shopper found the product. Nor were they the lowest. Other Amazon merchants were often 10-15% lower.

If you are looking for an online channel to garner more leads, more sales and more money with a minimal investment and low ongoing costs, you need to take a look at Amazon. It should be a part of every online marketers toolbox.


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